Sailing yacht that will transfer you in time

Would you like to feel like a seasoned sea wolf? To be in the midst of the boundless ocean, being aboard a unique yacht, built in compliance with the historical canons of Indonesian shipbuilding? Read more

Manta Point – meeting with sea giants

Manta Point is a very special place. It attracts divers from around the world not only with fantastic underwater views, the colorful world of reefs and bright marine life, but also with something that remains forever in memory. Namely – “devilfish”. Giant rays that live here in the depth are called so. Read more

Pink Beach of Komodo

Would you like to visit another planet? Surely, yes, because there are new landscapes, new experience, new emotions. Of course, we cannot offer a flight to another galaxy here and now, but there are also such places on Earth as if they were created in another reality.

Read more

Komodo monitors: famous dragons from the islands

The monitors living on Komodo island are the largest and some of the longest lizards in the world. Because of their incredible size, they are called Komodo dragons Read more