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1 hour 20 minutes

What is included

Tackle for snorkeling, tea / coffee, fresh fruit, soft drinks and snacks

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Show at sunset

Kalong is one of the unique places in Komodo National Park. This tiny island gained its fame thanks to its inhabitants – flying foxes. There is a large population of these animals, and closer to the sunset, they arrange a grand show.

At sunset, the packs of flying foxes fly to the Flores Island, covering the sky. First one by one, then they become more and more, until they merge into one big cloud. This is a truly spectacular sight.

Tours to the island of Kalong

We recommend scheduling the trip so that before sunset you come near the island. Kalong is located near Komodo Island; a one-way trip takes about an hour and a half on a high-speed yacht.

Passing the time while waiting for the foxes to fly, you can sunbathe on a yacht or snorkel around the island. In addition, you can make a short trip on the island. Kalong is a small island, so the excursion does not take much time.

The yachts are complete with all the necessary equipment for a comfortable trip:

Comfortable cabins with air conditioning


TV and audio systems

Toilet and hot shower

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