Would you like to visit another planet? Surely, yes, because there are new landscapes, new experience, new emotions. Of course, we cannot offer a flight to another galaxy here and now, but there are also such places on Earth as if they were created in another reality.

One of these places is Pink Beach on the Komodo island, which is included in the list of the most fantastic beaches. But why is the beach called Pink? The fact is that the composition of the sand includes the smallest coral elements. A special plankton, foraminifera, gives red color to the corals. Dead coral particles are washed away from the coral reefs, which surround the island, with water and washed ashore, painting the sand in pink. And this is really what you should see with your own eyes, because the scene is indeed amazing!

Pink Beach, located in the province of Nusa Tenggara, stretches along the coast, but is not fenced off from the rest of the island by palm trees and other vegetation, as is typically the case. Due to the absence of hotels along the coastal line, there are no crowds of tourists, so the beach is ideal for a quiet private vacation.

If you have the necessary equipment, then you will appreciate the rich underwater world of this region. There are about a thousand species of fish, more than 250 reef-forming polyps and over 70 species of spongy mushrooms. Diving off the coast of Komodo Island will give you unforgettable emotions and impressions.

Photo to remember

People always want to keep something to remember the visit to one place or another. Pink Beach is one of those places that will guaranteed provide you with the coolest photos. In sunny weather, the azure water surface and soft pink sand on the coast create a truly amazing picture. Photos on the background of such an unearthly landscape will be a real decoration for any vacation or travel.

How to get to the Pink Beach?

You can visit Pink Beach as a part of the excursion program to Komodo National Park, which is known for its unique Komodo lizards.

Indonesian laws prohibit building hotels and restaurants on Komodo Island, so tourists are brought to the resort for a day from the neighboring island of Flores. However, if there is a great desire to be alone with nature a little longer, then you can choose a mini-hotel in the small village of Kampong to spend the night.

You can also rent a boat by yourself and our captain will take you to the beach. The yacht can wait for you for several hours to drive back. You can also arrange and pay for the overnight stay on the yacht (overnight accommodation is available only on Phinisi). Having stayed, you can see much more than those who are forced to leave the island for the night, returning to their hotels.

The pink beach of Komodo is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, because the primeval nature is preserved here, and the authorities of Indonesia support and preserve their wealth by all means.